We provide tax management services that help you comply with tax laws, minimize your tax liability, and optimize your tax planning. We use reliable tax software and reporting tools to provide timely and accurate tax reporting.

As tax laws become increasingly complex, businesses are required to respond appropriately through models and processes that ensure compliance with legal requirements. At ExpertAccounting, we help our clients understand their tax obligations whilst ensuring compliance to reduce tax risks, continuously adapt to regulatory changes, and optimize cash flow.

Leveraging our combined expertise with the tax advisory team at ExpertAccounting means that we provide clients with the country specific and contextual tax practices. This tailored approach creates speedy, efficient solutions and helps us keep our clients informed and up to date on all aspects of tax and compliance.

Our tax compliance services include:

  • Supporting corporate income tax and deferred tax computation and submission to relevant authorities.
  • Reviewing and reconciling corporate tax liability.
  • Supporting withholding tax review, computation and payment.
  • Conducting Value Added Tax (VAT) compliance assessment, computation, and payment.
  • Filing of VAT returns.
  • Providing relevant updates on changes in tax legislation.
  • Preparing and filing annual individual tax returns on iTax
  • Providing tax audit support.